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Do I qualify for Electric Forest Loyalty?

Electric Forest Loyalty programs are calculated by your wristband registration. Please make sure to register your wristband every year using the same email address. Always use a non-school and non-work email address when registering. Once registered your wristband registration can not be changed.

Before the Loyalty On-sale you will receive a Confirmation Email. If you do not receive a confirmation or receive the wrong confirmation and believe you qualify for Four or Six in The Forest you will need to use the Loyalty Recognition Form, available for a short time after Confirmation Emails are sent and before the Loyalty On-sale. If you miss this form or do not submit before the Loyalty On-sale you will not be able to participate in the Loyalty On-sale.

To make sure you know when the Loyalty Confirmation Email is sent please make sure to follow the Electric Forest Newsletter, here:

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