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Where is Group Camping?

Follow the appropriate signs for GA Campgrounds when arriving in Rothbury.

Once you’ve entered the Campgrounds present your Group Camping Parking Pass to Parking staff and they will direct you to the Group Camping area. Group Camping staff will escort you to your group’s area.

Please remember that only Group Camping vehicles with a Group Camping Parking Pass will be allowed to park in this area. If you do not have a parking pass, please follow the normal GA parking flow, park your vehicle and then proceed on foot to the Group Camping area.

Group Camping Parking Passes will be delivered via a print-at-home email to the Group Leader. The Group Leader is responsible for distributing the passes. HQ is unable to control how passes are distributed and additional Group Camping Parking Passes are not available (plan to park in the GA Campgrounds and meet with your group on foot if you do not have a parking pass).

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