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Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items in the Campgrounds
**These items will be confiscated if found and may not be returned.**

  • No fireworks, flying prayer lanterns, or explosives
  • No grills, open flame, candles, or charcoal (small Coleman-style campstoves will be the one exemption from this rule)
  • No generators (RV’s with built in generators that run off the RV’s gas are permitted, external gas generators and gas cans are not permitted. Solar generators are exempt)
  • No gas/fuel cans of any kind (with the exception of small propane containers for campstoves listed above)
  • No Large sound systems (and if neighbors ask to turn it down please respect their wishes)
  • No glass (mirrors are allowed)
  • No kegs or hard liquor
  • No drones
  • No laser pointers
  • No illegal substances
  • No weapons of any kind
  • No tiki torches
  • No golf clubs
  • No hammers
  • No unauthorized merchandise
  • No helium tanks
  • No bicycles, skateboards, or scooters
  • No boats or hard sided floatation devices
  • No One Wheelers
  • No American Indian headdresses*
  • No Confederate flags*
  • No threatening signs or apparel*
  • No box trucks
  • No nitrous oxide
Prohibited Items in the Venue
  • No outside alcohol, food, or beverage (exception: see Water Policy below)
  • No laser pointers
  • No chairs, beach chairs, or lawn furniture
  • No inflatable furniture (WindPouches, or similar that do not require an air pump will be allowed)
  • No audio recording equipment/professional cameras/video equipment
  • No glass or glass containers of any kind
  • No knives of any kind
  • No framed or large backpacks
  • No picnic baskets
  • No tents
  • No bicycles, skateboards, or scooters
  • No wagons, strollers, or carts
  • No One Wheelers
  • No frisbees
  • No large markers, paint pens, or spray paint
  • No unauthorized soliciting, advertising, handbills, posters, product sampling, giveaways, etc.
  • No American Indian headdresses*
  • No Confederate flags
  • No threatening signs or apparel*
  • No nitrous oxide
Water Policy
In the venue area…
  • One factory sealed bottle of water allowed, no more than one gallon
  • Hydration packs and reusable water bottles must be empty
  • Water filling stations are available for free throughout the venue
In the campgrounds..
  • Bring as much water as you like
  • Water filling stations are available for free throughout the campgrounds

Guests with mobility disabilities are welcome to use motorized wheelchairs and three- or four-wheeled scooters at Electric Forest. For safety reasons, guests may NOT use personal golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, two-wheeled scooters, motorbikes, or one-wheels either in the venue itself or in the parking and camping areas. Three- or four-wheeled powered mobility devices must have safety features such as: anti-tip wheels, automatic braking systems, and stability-enhancing mechanisms.

*A note on headdresses and threatening messages: at Electric Forest, all should feel safe, comfortable, and welcome.

In this spirit, HQ requests that those who would bring American Indian Headdresses to the festival leave them at home. Out of respect for this community, it is inappropriate to wear headdresses outside of traditional ceremony.

Additionally, while HQ supports diversity in signs, totems, and articles of clothing, words or images that threaten harm to others are not welcome in The Forest.

Electric Forest reserves the right to confiscate items deemed to be in violation of these two policies at its discretion.

In such a creative community, HQ is confident that these requests will open up new, more inclusive creative opportunities for all who attend. Thank you for making choices that support and inspire all members of the Forest Family.

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