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I just received my Wristband. How do I register?

Register your wristband in the Electric Forest Mobile App.

Wristband Registration is the only way to qualify for and continue forward in the Electric Forest Loyalty Program.

Loyalty Tiers are tracked year over year based on the email address and / or Loyalty ID used for Wristband Registration. As long as Wristbands are always registered using the same email address and Loyalty ID, then Electric Forest Loyalty status can be tracked.

Wristbands can only be registered once, and should be registered with...
• The first and last name on your government issued ID
• A permanent Email Address
• Your Permanent Loyalty ID - if you have one

If you have no Loyalty ID and are registering an Electric Forest Wristband for the very first time, use the email address you want associated with your Electric Forest Loyalty Account in the future and a Loyalty ID will be assigned before the 2025 On Sale.

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