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How do Payment Plans work? Can I pay over time?

Yes, Payment Plans are available for all purchases over $100.

To make your purchase using a Payment Plan, add the Wristband or Lodging Package to your cart. When you are prompted for the type of payment select Payment Plan.

Payments will charge to your account automatically. You may not see the payment on your statement for several days. These payments will be a percentage of the package cost, with fees split evenly across all payments.

It is your responsibility to keep track of your payments.

For any order that defaults on their Payment Plan, all money will be issued as an Electric Forest Credit via FanAccount. Please note, the funds will expire 12 months from time of issuance.

You must pay attention to your bank/credit card statements to make sure your payment went through. You will have a 10-Day Grace Period to pay after the initial charge is attempted. When an order is canceled due to default, money paid will issued as an Electric Forest Credit via FanAccount."

If you do not pay within the 10 day grace period, you will lose your purchase. No exceptions.

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